5 Things to Consider While Selecting an LMS

Written by Elani Casic on 10 December 2020

LMS stands for learning management system, which helps you to create a cloud learning infrastructure to teach or train individuals online. 

There are several benefits you may gain from investing in an LMS, starting from introducing new courses to eliminate the classroom infrastructure cost and effort. 

However, with the availability of various companies across the globe providing learning management software, it is crucial to know the vital aspects of the service before you hire one of them. 

After all, everyone deserves the best software for their respective organization and why should you be unaware of the same? So, here are the 5 things to consider while selecting an LMS.

#1 Understand Learning Needs

No doubt this one tops the list of your priority since the primary mission of your organization would be ensuring that the learning needs are fulfilled. To achieve your goal through an integrated LMS, the trick is to have a clear idea of what would the user expect to achieve at the end of the learning session. 

For instance, the structure of your LMS providing a coding course will vary from the structure of an LMS providing fashion courses. Here, all you need to do is choose an LMS that rightly caters to the learning needs of the various learners.

#2 Device Compatibility

The second point in your checklist should be finding an LMS that is absolutely versatile when it comes to various devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and more. 

Nowadays, the mobile phone is the best choice for most learners since the tiny gadget has brought the world into the palm of our hand. Be it university students or corporate learners, logging-in to the learning systems on-the-go can be possible when your LMS is mobile-friendly.

#3 Easily Integrated

There are many integration features that an advanced LMS provides you today. There is a high chance that your learners would want to work on multiple other platforms simultaneously and therefore, Single-sign-on (SSO) and webhooks are essential. What integrations like SSO do is that these allow the users to access your LMS with the same credentials that they use for other applications. 

Webhook is another discovery, which makes it possible for you to build easy communication between your LMS and the other enterprise-level systems.

#4 Pricing Structure

Your budget plays a crucial role in any step you take and seeking an LMS is no exception. As the pricing of learning management software might vary from company to company, you can compare them along with the features each LMS provides to choose the best option. 

Also, the pricing models of LMS differ from where some LMS apply feature-based pricing and some apply for course payment at the time of registration. There are many more slabs such as monthly subscription, annual subscription, lifetime subscription, and so on. For your own LMS, you can choose the most suitable price model among these.

#5 Content Compatibility

Learning programs deal with course material and therefore, your LMS must be compatible with as many content files as possible. Some of the most common contents are Word document, PDF, XML, Powerpoint, audio transcript, and video streaming. 

Any learning program requires the right type of content at the right place since it helps the learners to get the best experience. For instance, demonstration courses require compatibility with visual content while theory-oriented courses require compatibility with MS Word and other content. 

Hence, you need to first identify the type of your content and set your requirement accordingly.

It’s a huge responsibility to choose the best LMS for your organization, considering the fact that your entire eLearning ecosystem is to be built on it. You can follow the checklist above to choose the platform most suitable for your needs. To know further, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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