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SeekLMS has all the nuts & bolts you need to manage your website, courses, enrollments, payments and much more

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SeekLMS has all the nuts & bolts you need to manage your website, courses, enrollments, payments and much more.
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Seeks LMS has in-built course authoring tools to help your create engaging courses. Configure course settings like delivery modes, progression, completion criteria and pricing.

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Create your website with our super simple website editor. Configure your logo, domain, theme and payment gateway. Setup your course catalogs and you are ready to go.

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Learner's enroll directly by registering, selecting the course and completing the payment. Collect leads from website contact us forms and guest registrations. Built-in tools to create promotions with discount coupons.

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  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Founder, Shankar Mahadevan Academy

"I always wanted to make learning of all styles of Indian music easy, accessible, and exciting to people worldwide. SeekLMS gave us the power and speed to setup and scale our operations rapidly."

Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan
  • Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan
  • Director, Bangalore Fetal Medicine Center

"We have been using SeekLMS for our online skill enhancing and certification courses in ultrasound imaging. This includes, video lectures, image assessment and discussion forums.The faculty do graded assessment of students and give feedback which helps the delegates to improve the quality of their imaging. It is an ideal way for doctors to learn at their convenience and comfort avoiding long travels and absence from work."

Dipesh Sutariya
  • Dipesh Sutariya
  • CEO & Co-founder, EnableIndia

"Enable Academy is a virtual one stop place for persons with disability, NGOs, corporates, training institutions to gather knowledge, access resources and information to contribute for the dignity and livelihood of persons with disability. SeekLMS allows learners to easily navigate through courses, resources, videos and several other content. It is a user friendly and accessible platform which helps users to easily look for the content and use it for their benefit."

Don't get lost in a marketplace. Create your brand.

Start fast. Spend less.
Deliver More!

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Shailaja Mancha
  • Shailaja Mancha
  • Founder, Physis

SeekLMS serves me well because the design is practical and intuitive. The LMS features cater to today's learning environment. Learners have found it easy to use. Their support team has been exceptional and a delight to work with!

Sathya Palaniappan
  • Sathya Palaniappan

SeekLMS has been a diligent partner in supporting the unique active learning experience of the TOPXIGHT-associated platforms. We like the ease of implementation and the high level of personalized client service and support.

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Most successful trainers and subject matter experts know that their success and growth depends on delivering exceptional learning experience to their students.

At SeekLMS, we design tools to help you enhance the experience of your audience and achieve long term success for your business.

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Why Now Is The Time to Set Up an Online Academy?

The pandemic has affected the way that pretty much every company across the globe functions. And, the education and training sectors, both informal and formal, have also borne the brunt. Fortunately, digitalization has allowed more and more people to opt for online learning, as opposed to in-person learning. This has been a boon to the already profitable self-paced e-training and online learning industry.

Do you know what this means? The demand for online learning is at an-all time high right now, but reputable online learning platforms are still few and far between. There are a lot more people looking to actively learn online in comparison to the number of online learning platforms that are out there. And, that’s precisely why you need to invest in good online academy software that will help you deliver training modules to your customers with ease.

Want to learn how to create an online academy? Read on a quick step-by-step guide:

1. Identify your audience

The best online academies in India are at the top because they’ve identified their target audience and created online learning programs that suit their audience.

2. Pick your course material

Next, determine the core course material. Ideally, when starting off, you should ensure that your training topics are evergreen. You can later use online academy software to make the necessary changes to the course content and customize it.

3. Plan your training lessons

Then, chart a training plan for each lesson that is part of the online course. You can also design assessments for these courses using LMS online academy software.

4. Create your academy LMS

The last step is to choose the best academy learning management system to set up your online training.

You can do all this and more using SeekLMS’ online academy software.

Reach out to us to start a free trial of the SeekLMS online academy software!

Deliver great learning experiences. Start today, grow fast.

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