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LMS for training in non-profit organizations

A nonprofit organisation needs effective and quality training as much as the profit companies. A nonprofit organisation comprises of people with diverse range of skills. Whether it is volunteers or leaders and board members, it important and essential to provide quality training courses to all individuals who are a part of the organisation.

A well-trained team will ensure that the organisation runs smoothly. When each member of the team understands their roles and responsibilities, it becomes easier to make decisions and also helps the business of the oragnisation. Effective training and development programmes can help your board members have a positive impact on your volunteers, it can help them work together towards the success of the organisation. An online platform such as the Learning Management System can be perfect to offer effective training courses. This affordable platform is easy to access and use, it makes learning more fun and interactive.

Training is important to improve and enhance the skills of your volunteers, executive directors and other associates who handle finance, human resources, marketing, fundraising, program development and more. A Learning Management System offers easy and hassle-free access to all training modules and courses. It helps you provide essential and critical courses that can help you keep best practices within your organisation. It also improves skills of your employees and increases their loyalty towards the organisation.

At SeekLMS, we understand that more often than not nonprofit organisations are much more passionate about the things they do and their objectives. That is why is important to keep the passion going with quality, effective and affordable training solutions. It is important that you invest in enhancing your fundraising tools and management techniques. You can rely on us to offer quality Learning Management System, it is platform that can help you offer training solutions at great prices.

Why use Learning Management System to train nonprofit organisations?

Cost efficient and hassle-free learning solutions

Training volunteers and managers and directors of your nonprofit organisation can be resourceful, however it can be expensive too. Online training can help you cut down on the expenses involved with training. It completely eliminates the need for printed materials, travel of instructors. Learning Management System helps you provide quality training solutions at a fraction of a cost. These courses can be accessed by members of your team at any time.

Helps you train your team and your community

One of the key objective of any nonprofit organisation is to return back to the community and serve them better. Only a well-trained and knowledgeable team can help serve better. By using Learning Management Systems, you can offer a range of courses to your employees online. This improves their skills and help them contribute to the success of your nonprofit organisation better.

Customise your platform

Learning Management System helps you to customise your platform to reflect the image of your organisation. It also has other features such as providing certificates after completion of the course, email notifications, changing colours of the platform and much more. You can also recertify your team through LMS.

Helps manage content better

Learning Management System helps you manage your content in an easy and hassle-free manner. You can simply drag and drop files into your platform. It supports all major file types. Whether you wish to add an audio file, or video training materials or want to offer webinars, LMS can accommodate it all. All content present on the platform is safe and secure.

Track your learners

An LMS helps you track the progress of your learners, it provides you information such as if an employee has undertaken, completed or cleared the training course. It also provides you information such as the time taken to complete each course, the areas your employees found challenging in a course and much more. All this information can be used by you to create new trainings courses.

Why use SeekLMS to train nonprofit organisations?

Increases revenue

By investing in training the members of your nonprofit organisation’s members, leaders and volunteers, you can help increase your revenue. Our team at SeekLMS understands the importance of training and its impact on your team and the overall organisation, our LMS provides you a platform to offer effective, affordable and valuable training solutions.

Reduce costs

By using our Learning Management System you can significantly reduce the costs involved in training your team. LMS completely removes the expenses such as paying the instructors, travel cost of the instructor and much more. Since all courses are made available to your team online, they can access it any time, anywhere.

Customised courses

Our Learning Management System can handle the operational structure of your NGO. Our team understands that you may have various teams within your organisation handling various issues such as raising awareness about afforestation or doctors helping treat malnutrition. Each team requires separate and specific courses, with our LMS you can offer a diverse range of training to all your volunteers.

Access the effectiveness of your training

Our Learning Management System helps you access the effectiveness of your training. It provides you detailed report about the leaners, the time taken to complete the course, parts of the course that is complex and difficult to understand and much more. It also helps you certify your employees and recertify them.

Helps you provide effective training at all times

Our LMS enables you to offer effective and affordable training to all your employees at an affordable price. Since all materials are online, your team can access information in different cities, branches, countries and time zones at any given time. For more information, get in touch with our team now, we will be glad to help

It enables you to update your learning materials with ease

Our Learning Management System also enables instructors to upload, modify and create new training material effortlessly. They can make changes to the existing content or add new courses any time the need arises. If your nonprofit organisation is handling a crisis situation, all members of your team need to be educated and trained to handle it. Our LMS enables you to instantly add new and critical courses.

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