Training Solutions by industry

Solutions by Industry.

Training requirements differ from industry to industry but everyone needs a modern learning management system to track and achieve their training goals.
SeekLMS fulfulls just that.

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Today every industry has specific training requirements for different job roles which must be fulfilled. Address all your training needs with SeekLMS, an intuitive easy-to-use cloud based application for creating, administering, delivering and tracking your training programs.


The automotive industry is one of the largest consumer-oriented industries in the world which operates on a global scale. Skill Development and training needs are wide-ranging and plenty. Whether it is at the factory or dealership eLearning can help the auto industry handle employee training in the most cost-effective and timely manner.


Aviation has grown to an $800 billion dollar industry with a high level of regulations and lots of specialties and supporting roles. From pilots, cabin crew to ground staff, the training needs in the Aviation industry are never-ending. Scale, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and standardization makes eLearning a great fit for the Aviation industry.

Call Centers

The ability to ramp up quickly and making the team ready to take up new projects is one of the key drivers of this industry. LMS helps in setup, track and scale training in Call Centers and is essential to manage the high level of employee churn in this industry.


Whether it's a large traditional university such as Oxford or a local school, embracing eLearning and investing in a modern learning management system such as SeekLMS, is essential. LMS enriches the learner experience, extends the reach of the educational organization and enables them to leverage their brand.

Food and Beverage

In the Food and Beverage industry, customer experience is paramount and the ability to deliver consistently at the same level of quality and novelty is challenging. Training of staff plays a very important role to achieve this. Mobile-based learning along with hands-on workshops plays an important role to address the training needs.


Franchise owners can design training courses for initial setup, staff onboarding and best practices for their franchisees to ensure that essential brand principles and standard procedures are maintained consistency across the network. Training on standard operating procedures makes onboarding new fanchisees streamlined and friction less.


A healthcare professional has to constantly refresh their knowledge and update their skills. Often medical councils of countries mandate various revalidation courses and continuous education schemes in order to maintain their practice license. Every day is hectic in the life of a medical professional so studying at their pace and on mobile devices becomes a must-have. Modern LMS platforms, like SeekLMS, can help healthcare industries scale their training programs and be responsive to changes in training trends and demands.

Information Technology

The only thing constant in the technology industry is change. Businesses have to stay ahead of the competition and employee skilling and re-skilling is a continuous process. E-Learning can address the training needs of IT companies in a centrally managed, automated, time and cost-effective way. This can also provide more flexibility to learners and improve employee participation and engagement.

Non-Profit Organizations

When it comes to training non-profit organizations face similar challenges as any modern profitable enterprise. Learning Management System such as SeekLMS can help non-profits and NGOs train their own employees and partners or educate the general public in a scalable, easy to use, cost-effective way.


Effective training can be a strategic advantage for large retail chains, operating hundreds or thousands of stores across the world. Retail chains need to train their merchandisers, customer support assistants, retail managers, sales staff, cashiers, storage and logistics staff and do basic employee induction training. Modern scalable training platforms like SeekLMS can address all these training needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain management is the lifeline of most industries and economies. Streamlining of operations and minimizing errors require careful training. Data-driven logistics require special skills and advanced technology like "big data" and "machine learning". A training management system helps meet these training requirements efficiently.


Due to massive strides in Telecommunications industry learning has become e-learning and m-learning today. This technology heavy industry has many moving pieces with lots of layers, protocols, standards, stacks both in hardware and software. LMS makes it easier for training managers of telecom industries meet their training goals with high return on investment.

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