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Course Management
Learning Delivery
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Create Engaging Courses

Create courses as per your learning objectives using in-built course creation tools.

Explore Course Management

Course Authoring Tool

Upload videos, powerpoints, audios, images, and voice-overs to create beautiful courses. Search and reuse content across courses.

Rich Course Settings

Configure rules for module and course completion, traversal rules, drip schedules, delivery modes, access expiry and more.

SCORM & Tin Can (xAPi)

Supports SCORM & Tin Can content created by Articulate, Lectora, Captivate or similar tools.

Interactive Videos

Use an in-built tool to create interactive videos from your recorded videos or youtube videos.


Supports 12 types of questions and a wide variety of test types with extensive reporting.

Survey & Ratings

Collect feedback through surveys and ratings with option for automatic scheduling.

Learning Delivery

Choose the delivery model which works for you. Manage enrollment, scheduling, track progress and communicate effectively with learners.

Explore Learning Delivery

Delivery Modes

Deliver self-study, instructor-led or blended training. Instructor-led courses can online through video-conferencing or in-campus.

Manage Enrollments

Invite users to courses or import users through an excel sheet. Supports self-enrollment through the course catalog and paid courses.

Manage Scheduling

Schedule instructor-led batches and classes with automated conflict checks for instructor and video-conference accounts.


Design your certificate templates and automate the generation of certificates on course completion. Supports certificate validation.

Communication Channels

Supports discussion forums, notifications, personal messages, surveys, and ratings.

Track Progress

Track the progress of learners through module completions and assessment plans. Track time spent on the course and all course interactions.

Measure & Improve

In-depth reporting of all parts of your learning delivery workflows will help you to measure and improve your key performance areas.

Explore Reporting


Configure widgets on your dashboard to see real-time data on learners, enrollments , completions, sales forecasts and more.
Drill down to see monthly trends.

Course Reports

Monitor course progress, time spent, completions, dropouts , discussions and course interactions. In-depth reporting of assessments.


An audit trail of all system actions, by whom, when and what.

Feedback & Ratings

Send learner satisfaction surveys at important milestones to get the most reliable feedback. Use standard star or NPS rating scale for CSAT.


Customize the look and feel of your LMS as well as several aspects of learning delivery.

Explore Customization

LMS White labelling

Customize the look and feel of your LMS by choosing your logo, favicon and theme.Add your customer support and sales emails for all notifications and messages.

Custom Domain

Use your own vanity URL for your LMS portal and provide seamless user experience. You can also set up and host a separate marketing portal using our website editor.

Course Customizations

Add custom labels for categorization, filtering and search. Customize delivery modes, completion rules, content options and more through exhaustive course configuration options.

Custom Certificate Templates

Create custom course certificates with branding , configurable fields and validation options.


SeekLMS offers a gamification engine which can improve learner motivation and engagement by leveraging innate human desire for competition, self-expression and achievement.
The gamification reward system includes points, badges, levels, and winners and everything is configurable.


Points are awarded when learners perform various activities like successfully completing modules, courses, tests, attending an ILT, acquiring certificates or contributing to discussion topics or taking a survey.


Badges are awarded, when a learner reaches a milestone by earning a certain number of points. There are 3 categories of badges - Activity, Learning and Leaderboard. Badge icons and names can be customized.


As the learner earns points and badges they move up levels. For example Every 3000 points user moves up a level. This 3000 is configurable.

Leaderboard & Winners

All participants can view the monthly and overall leaderboard and their own positions. Option to award monthly and annual winners with special badges is also available.

Market and Sell

Don't get lost in a marketplace. Create your brand and market and sell your courses.

Setup website

Enjoy creating your website with our "What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)" super simple website editor. "Zero coding" required. Add landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Payment Gateways

Accept secure online payments through credit and debit cards and net banking across multiple currencies through in-built integration with leading payment gateways.

Geo Specific Pricing

You can define default course pricing as well as custom course pricing for specific countries and currencies.

Discount Coupons

You can create discount coupons for your promotions for specific courses, countries or users.

Enterprise Ready

SeekLMS takes care of your enterprise security requirements, necessary integrations and scale.

Enterprise Ready


Secure your own LMS domain or vanity URL with custom SSL certificates for a safe and personalized experience. Enforce strong password rules.

Identity and Access Management

Let your users log in to the LMS using their corporate accounts by setting up a single sign-on (SSO) for authentication.

Role-based access control

Provide access to necessary functionalities by assigning specific user types to users based on their roles. Audit trail of user actions is maintained in timeline reports.


Create branches to replicate your departments/groups within your organization.
Each branch can have its own users, admins, and courses.


Use bulk actions and preconfigured actions to minimize your administrative overheads and scale your operations.

Support & Helpdesk

You will love SeekLMS support. Raise support ticket from inside the LMS. Search our knowledge base for self-help. Enterprise Customers have dedicated Account Managers.


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