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Compliance Training helps your employees understand the laws and regulations that they should abide by.

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LMS for compliance training

Compliance Training refers to training your employees about the laws and regulations that are mandated by legislation. It helps your employees understand the laws and regulations that they should abide by. Compliance Training helps keep your workplace safe and secure at all times. Compliance Training ensures that your employees follow all rules and regulations.

It is important to trust your employees, clients, stakeholders and all individuals associated with your organisation, Compliance Training help maintain trust, reduce risk and prevent any chance of violating the law.

Corporate Compliance Training covers both internal and external regulations and external laws. It is important that you identify areas of high risk and provide suitable training and courses for the same. Compliance Training includes an array of other topics such as anti-harassment and discrimination, customer service standards, workplace violence, workplace safety, diversity, bribery, reporting violations and much more.

By using Learning Management System you can create engaging and effective compliance training courses. LMS helps employees take up courses at a time convenient for them. Since all your content available online, your staff can stay up to date with all Compliance Training irrespective of their location. At SeekLMS, we offer quality Learning Management System equipped with fantastic features, for more details about our services and platform, please get in touch with our team of experts now. We will be happy to help you with all your requirements.

Why use Learning Management System for Compliance Training?

Ensure that all your employees are compliant

It is important to ensure that all your employees have completed their Compliance Training. Learning Management System can help you automatically assign the right course to the right team. It also sends automatic reports to supervisors and ensures that each employee has completed the task. LMS will help you ensure that your company is 100 percent compliant will all mandatory compliance training courses.

Reporting and tracking the completion of the course

Learning Management System will help you monitor the training progress and certification. It will provide you with a detailed report of the employees who are yet to complete the course or the ones who have taken up the course but haven’t been successful in completing it. Furthermore, LMS also offers certification after the successful completion of the course.

Helping you meet deadlines

Compliance courses must be completed on time. Learning Management System will help you set due dates for all courses and communicate the same with your employees. You can also set notifications and send emails alerting employees about completing the course. If you wish that your employees undertake training on a yearly basis, LMS allows you to do so.

Create groups learners

Learning Management System will help you create groups for different users. There are various Compliance Training, and not all employees are eligible to undertake all courses. LMS helps you create different groups and provide access to individuals who qualify to take up these courses. It also helps you keep a track of deadlines.

Single sign-on and mobile access

Compliance Training consists of critical information, by using the single sign-in option you can provide access to only selected individuals, in addition, LMS also offers you the liberty to remove and add employees. Also, all courses on the LMS can be accessed on mobile phones and can be completed anytime, anywhere.

Certification and recertification

You can award certificates to your employees after the completion of the course, this certificate helps you identify employees who have completed that course. A Learning Management System will help you automatically award certificates. It also helps you send notification to employees who are due for their recertification.

Why choose SeekLMS for Compliance Training?

At SeekLMS, our team understands that Compliance Training comprises of a diverse range of training modules, it is complex and content-heavy. It is important that all employees of your organization undertake a compliance training to maintain trust, inculcate appropriate work culture and aide by safety regulations. Our Learning Management System provides you an ideal platform to offer effective and quality training to all your employees. For more details about our services and our LMS, speak to a member of our team now, we are here to help you with all your needs.

Why choose SeekLMS for Compliance Training?

It helps reduce the burden on your admins and learners
Our Learning Management System is designed to help reduce the burden of your admins and learners. It offers simple and hassle-free solutions for compliance training. It enables users to access information anytime, anywhere and also helps your admins and course creators to upload new content or new course at a time convenient for them.

Efficient training online

At SeekLMS, we understand that online training is an ideal alternative for traditional methods of training. Unlike traditional methods were employees and instructors use production hours and resources to complete the course. LMS provides you with the liberty to undertake all compliance courses at a time suitable for you. For more details, get in touch with our team today.

Ensures that the course reaches users on-time

Our Learning Management System will ensure that all courses are delivered to the end-user on time and across teams, locations and time zones. All information present on our LMS is safe and secure and can be guarded by a single sign-on solution. Courses on our platform can be accessed by only those who you provide access to.

Track your employees

Our Learning Management System helps you keep a tab on employees who have not completed the compliance course. It identified employees who are putting your business and its reputation at risk. In addition, it also traces those who have completed the course, time is taken to complete each course and much more.

Supports eCommerce

Our Learning Management System will also help profit from the compliance training course that you have created. Through our LMS you can safely sell your international compliance training programs, employee security training or any other compliance training programmes to other companies. In addition to this, our LMS is strong content builder, whether you have audio, video, webinars or seminars, our platform supports it all.

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