4 Tips to Improve User Engagement in Non-Profit LMS

Written by Elani Casic on 06 November 2020

What is your understanding of the term ‘LMS?’

LMS refers to Learning Management Systems

It is an essential tool that guarantees the growth of your organization

Not only can your employees gain knowledge via learning and completing e-courses, but you also stimulate their productivity levels. 

Ask me how! 

When employees widen their intellectual skills via constant learning, they can put enhanced productive techniques to their best use indeed. 

This way, the company can benefit via mutual growth or development! It is therefore imperative that you encourage using LMS regularly and effectively by members of your organization.

Here are four powerful tips to improve user-engagement in non-profit LMS:

#1 Seamless Communication Paves Way for the New Change

Integrating LMS should not be like you trying to force food via someone’s throat. It should be gradual and seamless indeed. 

Here are highlighting pointers on how you can help your employees or clients feel at ease when you introduce LMS:

  • Choose informal channels of communication like Facebook or LinkedIn. Your employees can log in and out of social media channels. They would not miss out on important pieces of info you try conveying.

  • Devise plans on how you plan to implement LMS from start to finish. Tell employees how they can implement the new systems in their daily work.

  • Share demos on how LMS can benefit both organizations and employees. The employee can be made to understand how it can enable his/her individual growth or contribution to the company he/she works in.

  • Clarify for whom you plan to roll out LMS enabled technology. Is it for your employees, clients, or your outsourced teams?

#2 Creation of Right Content

Content creators must design LMS in a simple and easy to follow manner. 

In other words, the content needs breaking down into smaller and consumable fragments indeed. 

Bite-sized content like quizzes, images, etc. can be received well by the employees working for your organization.

#3 Change the Culture and the System

You must create a conducive atmosphere for learning and development. Employees must not feel, they are learning a course or completing a survey program just for the sake of up-skilling their current job profiles. 

There is more to it what meets the eye. When you come across new web learning courses, make sure you upload them to your LMS. 

You can allow the employees and management teams to get actively involved in the same. 

You can offer incentives and recognition to those employees who do their prescribed learning courses on time. 

You can have ice-breaker events in the form of quiz competitions or extempore. 

This way, you can have a fair idea of how far employees can impart knowledge from developing systems or web-based learning. 

You can also conduct competitions on how they can incorporate their learning into daily office work. 

This way, you not only change the system but also the culture of the organization. 

Make sure, you do not restrict learning to roles or job descriptions alone.

#4 Make the LMS Work for You

You must track LMS on a constant and periodic basis. You can track KPIs in terms of learning management systems

Here, the reference is made to the number of employees who take the courses and the number of courses completed by each of them. 

This is over a period. This way, you understand the effectiveness of the system. You can also have feedback sessions with employees. 

You can therefore receive constant inputs on how your LMS can be updated from time to time.

Make sure, you have every employee of the organization actively involved in using the learning management systems.


Only when you use the technology to its fullest, can you unleash the potential benefits pertaining to the same? 

LMS is in no way different from the implementation of any new technology. 

It offers several long-term benefits like employee retention, client satisfaction, and an overall improvement in your team’s performance!

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