Stop Stressing About Your LMS.

Not user-friendly

Can't get the reports I need

Poor Learner engagement

Stop Stressing About Your LMS.

Frustrated man

Lacks technical support

Unable to scale, too much work

Too costly

Make the switch.

Not too difficult, not too costly—if you go step by step.

Establish a switching crew.
  • Include all stakeholders.
  • Front it by a two-person team.

Identify the challenges.
  • Pinpoint the pain points.
  • Find the gaps.
  • Trace their origin

Determine what you require.
  • Cover all current gaps.
  • Cover future requirements.
  • Run the requirements through the Tech team.

Plan your data migration.
  • Migrate all relevant, useful, essential data.
  • Transfer data on Users, Courses, Assessment, Notifications and general info — one by one, step by step.

Create a pilot.
  • Chart workflows of Learners, Administrators, Trainers, Content developers.
  • Involve them in a pilot.
  • Gauge their responsiveness to your needs.
  • Find your match.

Select your LMS provider.
  • Make a shortlist of providers
  • Involve them in a pilot; gauge their responsiveness
  • Find your match

Arrive at your destination.
  • Get a panel to review your plan.
  • Validate your switching plan.
  • Get support from stakeholders and management.
  • Sign up the provider.

Prepare to go live.
  • Launch your new LMS.
  • Promote early adoption by users.
  • Recognise and reward active users.

Deliver great learning experiences. Start today, grow fast.

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