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You can customize the look and feel of SeekLMS by choosing your logo and theme. SeekLMS is highly configurable, as a result, you can customize several aspects of learning delivery as per your requirements.

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Set your own Logo and Favicon

Logo and Favicon

Upload your logo and favicon(the shortcut icon which appears on the browser tab). Now you are ready with the first step of configuring your brand.

Choose your theme

Customize the look and feel of your LMS by choosing a dark or light theme and color scheme. Choose a theme matching your log. Now you are ready with the second step of configuring your brand.

Choice of theme
Custom Domain

Custom Domain

Configure your custom domain, for example, or We can also help you set up SSL certificate (https) for your custom domain. This is the third step in configuring your brand.

Customize learners' experience

SeekLMS is highly configurable and this enables you to customize several aspects of learning experience from course design to course delivery.

Course Design

With SeekLMS, you can configure course settings like delivery modes, completion criteria, traversal rules, assessments, feedback mechanisms, certificate templates and more.

Custom Notifications

You can customize the content of all notifications. You can selectively turn on or off notifications. You can also configure your support and sales/admissions email ids.


You can upload banner images for the header section of the dashboard/home page. This can be a useful promotional tool. Banners can have embedded links.

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