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Create courses as per your learning objectives using in-built course authoring tools.

Create online courses which can be as engaging as this boy in the the image shown solving puzzles
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Course creation involves a number of important steps like analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.
Often it is the development step that takes up most of the valuable time, as it involves working with complex authoring tools.
As a content manager, you have to ensure that you put achieving learning objectives as the end goal and work backward.
Course authoring with SeekLMS is simple, yet powerful. Updating and improving your courses is so much simpler.

Supports wide range of content

Upload your powerpoints, docs, videos, audios or SCORM content and then organize using the course authoring tool. You can re-use content across courses.












Interactive Video

Powerful Assessments Engine

Build a question bank of multiple question types tagged to courses, topics, difficulty, and scores. Create assignments, timed quizzes, assessment plans, grading schemes, and evaluation rubrics. Draw insights like areas of strengths and weakness from assessment reports.

Multiple types of Questions and Assessments

Create MCQ, Blanks, Ordering, Matching, File a Response and more types of questions. Add resources to questions. Assessements can be objective, subjective, hybrid, formative or summative.

Flexible Settings

Set number of attempts, passing score, time limit, shuffle questions, shuffle options, randomize questions and more. Configure evaluation view and set evaluation keys(rubrics) for subjective evaluation.

Drip Scheduling Automation

Create an assessment plan with a set of assessments with weights and automated assignment schedule. Learner progress can be derived from the submissions as per the pre-planned assessment plan.

Insightful Reports

Track submissions, scores, attempts and identify areas of strengths or weakness based on scores on specific topics linked to questions. You can also analyze the performance of cohorts.

SeekLMS provides in-built interactive-video making tool

Interactive Videos

SeekLMS has built-in tools to create interactive videos. You can upload your video and then add interactions. Interactions can pause the video or show hotspots on the video. You ask a question and based on the answer can take the learner to a certain timeline in the video. You can also show posters and other interactions.
All data related to user interactions are captured for reporting.

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