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The CloodOn LMS helped us bring a unique photography course to the world. LLAONLINE has a lot of customised learning pedagogy, incorporating features of interactions amongst students and with mentors. This has helped us deliver results that the participants have appreciated. Building a platform that helps deliver all our requirements required special attention from the CloodOn team. They have pooled their vast knowledge of this domain and guided and helped in realising our goals immensely. We cannot thank the team enough for being such an inspirational and generous part of our efforts.

Anuradha Iqbal, LLA


Light & Life Academy is the first custom designed, full facility institute exclusively for professional photography in India. It was set up with the objective of providing affordable professional photography education of a high standard. LLA Online is a platform where students can learn the art of seeing and explore their creative side, through a structured learning program.


We were particular that each student on LLA Online has:

  • To follow the assignment process, failing which they would not be able to proceed to the next module.
  • The opportunity of reviewing and learning from the work of their peers.
  • The flexibility to choose course content in language of their preference.

The Solution

Seek LMS allows our learners to access the course as per our design. The learners are able to attempt assessments and on clearing these, they gain access to the next module.
Once they complete their assessment submission, they are able to view peer submissions which helps them widen their learning angle.
Seek LMS also lets the learner access course content in the language of their choice, thereby ensuring a sound understanding of concepts.

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