Kalyan Jewellers


Kalyan Jewellers is an Indian jewellery store chain that started their first jewellery shop in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, India and has since grown to become the largest jewellery store chain in India. With approximately 8000 employees, the chain has 100 showrooms across India.


As Kalyan scales it’s operations, it was essential to ensure that service provided to all our clients is exceptional. This would mean all our store staff having remarkable product knowledge. Kalyan jewellers has stores across the country which means ensuring consistency in training would be a challenge. The aim was to ensure consistent delivery of training across stores as well as being able to measure the effectiveness of this training. Additionally, we also needed to make sure that learner progress could be reviewed across the management hierarchy.

The Solution

SeekLMS allows for training content to be accessed by store staff across all locations. The in-built feature of quiz and assignments allows learners to check their understanding and revise course content if needed. It helps learners access the course as per their convenience as well as have the content at hand if need be.
The reporting structure also allows every store manager to view course progress of their store staff.

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