SeekLMS aptly tailored to suit the needs of modern-day e-learning, is truly an enterprising learning solution being user friendly to learners and the admins alike. The website has come out all “Thumbs up” in their own unique innovative way that could be handled by non-tech persons as well. The inputs derived through e-commerce has been invaluable to the accounts department. The never say-never die attitude of the support staff has been overwhelming in delivering unmatched learning experience. Hats Off to SeekLMS!.

Harish Chandran, Jnana


Jnana.com is a wing of the N.R. Group, leader in spiritual products and services space and owners of Cycle Pure and Vasu brand agarbathies. We believe, learning is a conscious path to attaining wisdom, wellbeing and happiness. The value of learning a new language, Shloka, life skills or be it anything that influences and enhances positive behaviour would eventually help us align ourselves.


Jnana aims at teaching conversational language courses through virtual classrooms - while ensuring learners are engaged during these sessions. The aim was for learners to access course content, class recording and attempt quizzes that would help them check their understanding.

The Solution

Seek LMS’s effortless integration with web-conference licenses made it easy for Jnana to conduct online classes. The ability to schedule, cancel and reschedule classes made training operations uncomplicated. Learners were also able to view online course content, class recording and attempt assessments that would check their understanding.

Seek LMS allows for assessment settings that are required for our certification courses. Doctors are able to effortlessly upload their image submissions and read evaluator feedback. The platform supports a mix of traditional classroom training alongside self-guided online courses thereby allowing the team to manage operations centrally.

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