Fetal and Gynae Imaging

We have been using SeekLMS for our online skill enhancing and certification courses in ultrasound imaging. This includes, video lectures, image assessment and discussion forums. The faculty do graded assessment of students and give feedback which helps the delegates to improve the quality of their imaging. It is an ideal way for doctors to learn at their convenience and comfort avoiding long travels and absence from work. It certainly has become a popular learning platform amongst practising doctors to enhance their knowledge and at the same time continue with their work and maintain their financial inflow..

Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan, FGI


Fetal and Gynae Imaging (FGi) is an advanced ultrasound training platform to assess and certify medical professionals looking to specialize in Fetal and Gynae Ultrasound. They strive to offer world-class training in fetal and gynae imaging techniques for detecting and diagnosing various fetal and gynecological problems. This is done through our flagship courses - Fetal Ultrasound Programme (FUP) and Gynae Ultrasound Programme (GUP).


We needed a platform that would incorporate the stringent criteria we follow for certification. The course design requires doctors to make multiple image submissions - with each course having different scoring patterns. The platform also needed to help manage operations for our varied delivery modes.

The Solution

Seek LMS allows for assessment settings that are required for our certification courses. Doctors are able to effortlessly upload their image submissions and read evaluator feedback. The platform supports a mix of traditional classroom training alongside self-guided online courses thereby allowing the team to manage operations centrally.

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