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We were looking at scaling our work on economic independence and dignity for persons with disability. We conceptualized the Enable Academy portal for the same, SeekLMS helped with quick implementation of this accessible platform. We also use the CMS of SeekLMS to keep our content updated on Enable India’s website. I am very happy with this long standing partnership with SeekLMS.

Dipesh Sutariya, Enable Academy


Enable Academy, is an Enable India initiative which works for economic independence and dignity of persons with disability. Enable Academy is India’s first online collaborative community initiative for mainstreaming livelihoods of persons with disability. This is an open source online platform which has information on training, courses, resources, services and interactive tools for persons with disability to make them ready for livelihood opportunities. They offer employers awareness, inclusion models, best practices, services, peer connects and interactive tools for hiring persons with disability. It also offers campaigns and services to inter connect persons with disability, employers and other stakeholders.


The ‘My Growth Path’ started on May 2019, to help Enable India staffs to be accountable for their own learning by measuring their own progress. It shows the value and importance of learning every day and to improve performance on a daily basis. My Growth Path will be an inclusive program. Wherever there are barriers, inclusion will be provided via language interpreters or with the help of technology. We have created 6 courses and 3 course packs for Band 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 on Enable Academy.The course packs were assigned to each batch along with the assessments. The challenge that we faced was with the staffs with vision impairment. They faced accessibility issues while submitting answers. Non-disabled staff also had a problem before registering the course-due to duplicate user ID’s. We reached out to SeekLMS to help us to resolve the issues related to accessibility such as back buttons, filters, date wise reports and user courses progression details information

The Solution

SeekLMS team was prompt to organize multiple calls and understand the problem in depth. They created staging site for us to review the technical changes made on the portal before the final release. After multiple iteration, calls and review the issue was resolved. We are thankful to SeekLMS for the cooperation and promptness. All staffs have now submitted the answers.

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