What aspects are important in sales

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 16 January 2023

"If it were easy we would put a monkey to do it. " Companies invest a significant part of their income in supporting sales, such as selection and training, establishing a sales methodology, compensation plans, special incentives for salespeople... Even so, in current times in those in which the Client has the information at the click of a button, even the most expert commercial sometimes finds himself in situations in which the ground moves.

Adding value

  1. The margins are no longer what they were. The Client can buy the product even on the Internet and compares us with "anyone".
  2. The commercial must add value. If we understand the sales process as it is established in most companies (prospecting and discovering the Client, analyzing their needs, designing the solution, negotiating, and closing), it must be understood that the Salesperson's value contribution must be centered on the needs of each stage. It is a very common mistake to think that the "blackleg" salesperson must be a great negotiator, when that phase is reached after having added value in, for example, detecting needs and managing to arouse curiosity in our solution to the Client.

Focus the message on the value proposition to the Customer

  1. the Client must perceive the value that is going to be provided from the first contact, even if it is "cold". For this, the message itself must be worked on and, fundamentally, the way of transmitting it. Subsequently, as the sales process itself progresses, the construction of the value proposal must create layers and must be aimed at ensuring that the Client perceives that he needs our proposal to continue with his Business.

Meet Clients in person

  1. Humans are human, and the relationship function is increased when there is contact in person. In addition, later it is easier for the Customer to respond to calls or emails... It is evident that, behind a purchase decision, people are making the decisions, and you have to know them to generate enough confidence for them to bet on our alternative.

The measurement of results

  1. The big problem for many new marketers is that the key measurement is revenue generation. From the company, the focus should be placed on helping them and explaining that their activity should be measured: the number of calls made, contacts generated, meetings held, proposals presented, or activity reports made in CRM. The sale should always be a consequence and should not be the only object of measurement, as it can lead to frustration and discouragement in the commercial. This is an aspect that the company must avoid because what it is interested in is just the opposite, that the commercial is as channeled as possible.


  1. It must be focused on helping all the commercials in their development in the company, which must be both professional and personal. At this point, most companies leave it in the hands of the immediate superior, without giving him some tools or training that allow him to carry out the work. This tactical, operational, and emotional support can make a difference and make salespeople give their best for faster and better results.


These 5 aspects are considered complementary in many cases, but, especially in the B2B field, being aware of them can help consistent success in the sales area in Organizations.

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