Top 10 Digital Transformation trends

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 14 January 2022

Digital is impacting different business sectors and companies are forced to follow the trend by adopting the necessary changes. It is a major issue for the survival and sustainability of any structure. Digital technology is now part of our daily lives and the various digital media are experiencing new advances every day. This rise of technologies and digital imposes the adoption of new business models. It is not just a trend but an obligation that is an integral part of every business strategy these days. Here are the ten latest trends of the year:

Priority to adaptation

Digitization is increasingly needed in all areas, and companies have no other choice but to adapt, otherwise, they will be doomed to disappear. It is time for the different structures to make their strategies more flexible and to include digital in their culture.

User/customer experience is in the headlines

Putting yourself in the shoes of the user or the customer is a trend that is making its entrance gradually but certainly. Specialists focus on the cumulative feeling, the customer's interaction with the company through its products and services, but also its shops, its employees, its advertising campaigns, its ethical values, etc. Each contact is carefully scrutinized to enhance this experience, whether before, during, or after the purchase. Through these procedures, the structure has the possibility of consolidating its contacts with customers and establishing a relationship of trust with them.

The importance of the customer experience takes on more significance when we see that some consumers turn away from a brand or a sign because they do not share the same values. The customer experience, therefore, becomes a pillar of customer loyalty and commitment to the brand, provided of course that the experience is positive and of quality.

Proactive and rapid innovation

The company's competitiveness is put to the test and to succeed in this challenge, each structure has no other option than to adopt proactive innovation to adapt to the latest market innovations and respond to them more quickly than its competitors. . In this context, wasting time is prohibited, hence the use of new technologies which must be evaluated, analyzed and tested before any approval. It becomes urgent to have new ideas that emerge but the most important thing is to take action to make them happen as quickly as possible. Being able to seize the opportunities that arise is a key element for the success of any business.

Emergence of teleworking

Nowadays competitive companies are looking for the best talent not only at the regional or national level but also internationally. Everything has become greatly facilitated, in particular, to recruit high-level skills precisely thanks to mobile technology.

Young people forming Generation Y prefer more rewarding jobs, which offer them more flexibility in schedules. They have a penchant for working from home, which they can manage with peace of mind away from the traditional office environment. In this context, companies must follow the trend by supporting teleworking which is gradually gaining momentum while allowing the various tasks to be carried out remotely. For these young workers, it is the guarantee of working while enjoying the comfort and flexibility to which they aspire.

Introduction of virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are starting to make a big breakthrough. It is enough to cite the great success of Pokémon Go to be convinced that it is the future not only in the field of games but also that such technology will be an integral part of many fields. Businesses can now interact more effectively with their customers.

Moreover, evoking these technologies brings us to another concept which is gaining in popularity, namely gamification. It is about adopting playful games to attract the attention and commitment of a person by bringing them into a viral dimension. It is to be expected that gamification will become a real marketing strategy to boost the customer experience.

Digital transformation via API

It is a programming language that allows two applications designed in different languages ​​and which are in different places, to communicate with each other. It is one of the most powerful tools at the present time which allows the establishment of a flexible and rapid ecosystem capable of liaising between different platforms. This technology helps create a better user experience, hence its use by many companies around the world.

Big Data and analytical processing

Nowadays, a significant amount of data is in circulation to become a powerful weapon in the business world, subject to know how to process and exploit this big data in an optimal way. Indeed, analytical processing ensures the management of companies by providing relevant information on the characteristics of customers, their expectations, positioning in a given market, etc. Such an analysis ensures the proper functioning of structures and facilitates decision-making.

Evolution towards connected objects

The Internet of Things also referred to as IoT, will turn current and future business models upside down. No less than 50 billion connected object sensors will be available by 2020, while 200 billion objects will be present on the Internet by 2030.

The exponential development of artificial intelligence

Technological evolution is irrevocable and even the human-machine relationship has greatly changed in recent years with the advent of artificial intelligence which is in full expansion. Machines are becoming more and more independent and in the very near future they will be able to learn from and adapt to their environment. This technology will allow machines to collaborate with humans to perform increasingly complex tasks.

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