Mobile-learning: For Online Music Classes

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 16 December 2021

It's a fact: the smartphone has become essential in our daily lives. But on the online training side, what is it really? What is the definition of mobile learning and why choose it? Possible option, niche market, or even compulsory passage: the place it occupies can be subject to debate. Find out why mobile learning has become a turning point in online training!

Mobile internet: evolving uses

Today in France and around the world, it's the mobile revolution. Indeed, the mobile terminal has become the first device used by Internet users to surf the web, in front of computers and tablets. Another figure also deserves our full attention: 4 out of 10 Internet users exclusively use their smartphones to browse the Internet. These trends represent a turning point in the way we design e-learning modules. Indeed, the design of a mobile-learning module should no longer simply be seen as a plus in training. This is now one of the key success factors of this one! So what exactly is Mobile-learning? 

Is Mobile-learning an innovation for Online Music Classes

E-Learning has evolved. The authoring software, which makes it possible to create online training courses, has been enriched. The e-Learning creators were then able to offer training accessible online from any device (PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones). 

This adaptation is essential for the success of e-learning programs. The innovation will reside in the fact of creating content specifically adapted to mobile learning, and this is the definition that we can retain. Indeed, we do not use a smartphone or a tablet in the same way as a PC. These specificities of use must be taken into account to create content that is truly adapted to mobile terminals. 

Clean screens, light content allowing rapid loading, dynamic sequences to capture the learner's attention in noisy environments… The innovation, therefore, lies in the specific design features of the modules responding to nomadic use.

Why choose Mobile-learning training for Online Music classes?

Let us now place ourselves on the side of the learner: why choose to follow a training course from his Mobile rather than on a computer? In other words, what are the advantages of this solution?

First of all, Mobile-learning allows learners to truly choose their training periods. They can now use "downtime" such as transport trips or minutes spent in the doctor's waiting room. Users are increasingly looking for flexibility in their e-learning training.

Then, the second advantage of mobile learning bears the name of micro-learning. This term refers to short and generally interactive learning sequences. In fact, their duration varies from 30 seconds to 3 minutes and this goes hand in hand with a mobile solution. A smartphone or tablet is indeed the best device for developing this type of content. They are often thought of as mobile applications that can take the form of Learning Games.

You are now aware of the advantages of a mobile e-learning solution. Our educational engineers are specialists in the design of content for on-the-go learning. Interested in creating a mobile learning module? Get a Free demo from SeekLMS today!

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