LMS Support Services to Consider for Corporate E-learning

Written by Sutanuka Pal on 20 August 2020

LMS companies provide certain support services in addition to the platform. These services aim at making the platform more user-friendly and it is advisable therefore, to research thoroughly before you invest in one so that it is worth every penny spent. Not all services are indispensable to everyone.  The support you need is largely related to the type of training you provide. So, what do you need to look for when choosing an LMS for corporate eLearning? Let’s have a look! 

Live Chat and Phone Support

You need to pick an LMS vendor that provides Live Chat support and helps you instantly to get through those unexpected rough patches. While some vendors have specific chat hours, others provide  24/7support. So, it helps to check their availability before you checkout. It also helps to know who handles the virtual chat, as you may need IT experts who can help you with troubleshooting. 

At times, problems need immediate solutions, and you might want to talk to an expert as opposed to a chatbot. It is, after all, inconvenient to type about a complicated problem in the live chat window. So, make sure to choose an LMS vendor who offers 24/7 live chat and phone support. You can also check if they have a dedicated phone line for technical issues so that you can avoid going through the IVR. 

Knowledge Base

The LMS vendor you choose needs to provide the users with support tools that explain the functioning of and how to set up a learning management system. Several vendors have pre-recorded videos that explain complex functions along with some tips and tricks. Whether it is setup or integrating the course using e-commerce integrations, you should be able to find it all with ease. So, remember to check for documentation or knowledge base before signing up. 


User forums are more valuable than you can imagine. However, they are only helpful if active. Several LMS vendor websites have forums or communities that are mostly dormant and filled with questions without answers for months. Forums also need to have an archive system, which allows the users to look up a solution on their own.  

If the LMS vendor you are planning to choose has a forum, check if it is active or dormant. Next, check if it has some real troubleshooting solutions. You certainly do not want to be a part of a community that only talks about the tips and tricks of the LMS. 

Social Media

Almost every business makes use of social media to interact with their customers and target audience. Social media platforms have great communities and are loved by everyone due to the quick response they get. The LMS vendor needs to provide a quick solution to a problem or assist dissatisfied customers with updates and resources. A few vendors have privatized social media groups dedicated to paid or premium members. 

Email and Video Support

The support provided by your LMS vendor plays a major role in the success of your corporate eLearning programme. Whenever you have a problem, you should be able to send them an email or use an option to raise a trouble ticket. While chat and phone options are perfect for urgent issues, email support comes in handy when you have a general query or need assistance. You also need to check if the emails are being attended to by real people and not just by a bot. 

Another important factor to consider when choosing an LMS for your corporate learning programs is video support. There might be situations when you have trouble using the reports or editing the coding backend. This is when the technical team should be able to show you how you can perform the task via the option of screen sharing. So, you must verify the support services provided as you need to get what you pay for.

If you are planning to have online training with an excellent ROI, you certainly need to invest in an ideal LMS. The LMS you choose can impact your employee performance, the scope of the project, and the team’s overall performance. 

So, do not leave the room for any error and choose SEEK LMS that not only provides excellent support to its customers but also addresses every concern with utmost care and dedication. Contact us today to know more about the services we provide. 

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