How to Increase efficiency through digital learning

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 16 December 2021

Digital Learning by definition is a digital learning format that allows participants to acquire new skills at a distance independently. One of its main advantages is the reduction in the costs of training employees. But what is it really like today? What motivates companies to use Digital Learning in 2022?

Reduce your training costs with Digital Learning

Digital Learning may indeed be the solution to reduce indirect costs related to training. It eliminates the costs associated with the travel and accommodation of employees. It increases productivity thanks to a better distribution over the duration of online training sessions. However, the direct costs still apply for training design and provision to learners, but they are lower.

According to the annual Digital Learning Barometer, 72% of companies confirm that the switch to Digital Learning has saved them money. The promise is therefore kept.

Increase efficiency through digital learning

The benefit of the savings made by Digital Learning is also measured in terms of increased efficiency and employee performance. Indeed, Digital Learning makes it possible to train teams quickly and uniformly. For example, it is possible to launch a new product internationally, while allowing its sales force to acquire the necessary knowledge. Thus, employees are operational more quickly. More competent, more motivated, and more efficient teams have a direct impact on the turnover and the image of the company. Thanks to online training programs, the company gains in efficiency and profitability and therefore significantly improves its ROI.

e-learning is deployed mainly in the following skill areas:

  • 68% technical/professional training,
  • 56% training in business information systems,
  • 52% commercial, sales, and marketing.

The companies questioned base their motivations on the deployment of an e-Learning solution to:

  • 43% reduce and optimize training costs,
  • 59% want to improve the quality and efficiency of training.

Being supported in your e-Learning project

The deployment of Digital Learning must be prepared and supported by a real approach to support change. This approach should make it possible to set up a Blended Learning strategy and breathe new life into this new way of learning. Indeed, combining face-to-face and distance learning makes it possible to maintain contact with learners. This also helps to strengthen team cohesion and support for e-learning.

It should also be taken into account that the profitability of an e-learning project depends directly on the number of learners to be trained. Hence the interest of a strategic reflection during the budgeting of the project.

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