How chatbots are changing e-Learning platforms

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 08 November 2021

The e-Learning or Learning Management System (LMS) platforms usually have a friendly interface, that is, they are quite intuitive and easy to navigate so that users can naturally find the information they need and the learning process occurs without friction.

However, with the emergence of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI), implementers of e-Learning platforms have found a powerful tool to optimize the interaction between the user and the platform. Next, we will explain how chatbots are changing e-Learning platforms.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are interactive programs powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that help users interact in a digital environment. In e-Learning platforms, chatbots with artificial intelligence make learning more intuitive, since they help students to choose, consume and understand the content. 

Instead of just clicking buttons, selecting items from the drop-down menu, or repeatedly tapping the screen, chatbots make the experience more enjoyable, guiding students so that they can navigate and learn about all the content on the e-platform. Learning through conversations, they can even solve doubts about the content that is shown to students.

E-Learning platforms and chatbots

To achieve a correct integration of chatbots, based on artificial intelligence, and e-Learning platforms, course developers can take into account the following:

Conversational experience

The e-Learning platform designs are undergoing an interesting transition process that seeks a better user experience. The goal is for chatbots to converse with students naturally, just as a human would. 

By using Natural Language Processing (NLP), the chatbot will first ask learners how it can help them and then “understand” their messages to proactively assist them according to the intent expressed by the user. That is, you can interpret if the student wants a course recommendation according to their interest or if they are asking a question about the content they are viewing. In this way, programmed responses and fixed commands will begin to be eradicated to develop a more satisfying conversational and learning experience.

Artificial intelligence

With artificial intelligence, chatbots will be able to offer a learning experience taking into account past interactions. With the help of Machine Learning (ML), chatbots will be able to give context to student requests, allowing these helpers to make inferences for a better response. 

For example, if a chatbot finds that a student consistently performs poorly when performing a specific task on the e-Learning platform, it will provide refresher courses or other content to help develop those skills so that you can continue with the skills. other courses and don't be discouraged. 

It is important to highlight that all the recommendations made by the chatbot are based on the analysis of information available on the platform, that is, it processes said information through statistical models and "learns" to be able to carry out any recommendation or suggestion action.

Proactive learning

Chatbots are more proactive as they stimulate conversation (interaction) and allow students to consume content more effectively and efficiently. Different people like to learn in different ways and, over time, chatbots will be able to know and identify not only the preferences of collaborators but also propose personalized learning paths.

The chatbot would be a new communication interface with students, which is more natural since it simulates a conversation with a person, but the real power is the artificial intelligence that supports them, which can recommend courses, solve queries and even carry out small tests, through questions, to validate if the user is learning and take action based on the results. By proactively simplifying, sequencing, and recommending content based on individual learner preferences and abilities, chatbots can make online learning freer.

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