Gamification: Learn better while having fun!

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 16 December 2021

Many companies have made their HR strategy more efficient by adopting e-learning. In this context, Game Learning or G-learning has proven itself as a learning vector, both fun and effective. Combining pedagogy, interactive games, and statistical tools, Game Learning specifically responds to training needs. But what exactly is Game Learning?

Game Learning: a revolution in e-learning

The image of the blackboard as the main learning medium has long been outdated. The effectiveness of play as a tool in the learning process is no longer to be proven. Applied to e-learning, we will refer to it as Game Learning or Learning Game. It consists of the transposition of the game's mechanisms into the business environment, on a web interface, or a mobile application. Alternating phases of dialogue, games of skill, educational screens, simulations, and quizzes, it awakens the child in us.

Combining challenges and rewards, Game Learning involves the learner, pushes him to react, to become an actor in his own training. Games Learning completion rate is proven to be extremely high! The interest, concentration, and competitive spirit of learners are increased tenfold. The involvement of the student who has become a player generates faster and lasting memorization of training content. The acquisition of new skills is therefore facilitated.

Tailor-made Games Learning

Our projects involve the mobilization, rigor, and know-how of our entire production team. Our educational engineers have several years of experience in writing and scripting e-Learning content. Showing creativity by imagining educational scenarios that go off the beaten track and that adapt to training needs, is our challenge!

We have designed several Games Learning which have been very successful to date. Featuring patients with their caregivers. As the training progresses, other games are released: anatomical puzzles, virtual chambers, etc. Ultimately, this innovative training device should reach more than 2,400 students per year.

We have also developed an interactive and addicting game for travel agents. By means of video sequences and mini-games, the learner discovers New Caledonia, increases a point gauge, and earns badges in order to climb in the general classification. The objective of this training program in 4 episodes, is to allow tour operators to better know and better sell this destination.

Sticking to your strategic objectives and your budgetary and technical requirements implies an irreproachable methodology. Whether your choice of online training is based on a classic e-Learning module or an innovative Learning Game, the first step of collaboration will be an in-depth audit. We will then be able to send you an educated recommendation that will lead to the design of a unique project. 

Game Learning, a tool at the service of HR strategy

Today, on the strength of its success, Game Learning has established itself in the training programs of a large part, But what exactly are the advantages of Games Learning in HR strategy? By giving a modern and dynamic brand image to the company, Game Learning will help attract new talents in a natural way. A lever for employee motivation is also the way to make the company more productive.

Of course, Mobile Learning and Games Learning go hand in hand. The use of mobile supports has the advantage of fluidity. Training sessions can be carried out wherever and whenever you want. Moreover, they can be personalized using statistical analysis tools, giving rise to individualized management of the training course.

In addition to adapting to all areas of activity, Games Learning, therefore, makes it possible to unite teams through collaborative games. Kill two birds with one stone by focusing on a fun and gamified module, naturally integrating your professional training content. Tell us about your project!  

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