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Written by Elani Casic on 09 December 2020

eLearning has evolved the entire concept of classroom teaching, making it easier for both the learner and the educator to come up with new diasporas of learning. 

Education is no more limited within the bricks of a classroom as anyone located at any remote corner of the world can join in. 

However, the way the concept of eLearning was itself conceived, has now also evolved with time into something better, and still, it is evolving. 

With this concern in mind, here we present the 10 eLearning trends and predictions for 2020-2021 that you would love to know. 

These eLearning trends 2020 are practiced by some of the top-notch institutes as they have tried to come up with fresh ideas and concepts that might change the overall trend of classroom teaching.

#1 AR Learning

You must be wondering what AR Learning stands for and here goes the description. AR learning basically stands for Augmented Reality learning, which uses an immersive technology that superimposes digital components. 

These components could be anything from video, images, and text to animations, and 3D models. AR learning focuses on merging real and virtual worlds through the study material they present.

#2 Virtual Reality Learning

Most of us are acquainted with the term VR that stands for virtual reality. This interactive learning trend works on the premise of creating an immersive virtual world through a complicated process to make learning simpler for the students. 

In Virtual Reality learning, the students can not only see but also interact with the content or subject they are learning.

#3 Prioritization of Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing has been used as a dominant tool for learning in the last decade. The latest update is that AI is being implemented into learning. This process of learning uses a unique way to rely on machines that simulate human intelligence or mimic the way humans think and act.

#4 Mobile-Friendly Learning

Today, most of the internet users are using a tiny gadget called a mobile phone, which easily fits in the palm of everyone. Be it a high-end software or a minimalistic app, everyone is seeking for making it mobile friendly so that they can reach out to a maximum number of users. The same concept is now popular within the eLearning world.

#5 IWB Learning

The term IWB stands for Interactive Whiteboards, which once used to be an LCD screen attached to a computer. The purpose was to facilitate small group meetings and roundtables. Nowadays, it is introduced for providing eLearning trends in 2020 as well as for workplaces.

#6 Gamified Learning

How about incorporating game design elements in a learning environment? Well, this concept has opened up a new way of interacting with those students, who are otherwise inattentive in a typical classroom atmosphere.

#7 Experiential Learning

Today, it is essential to engage the learners in more active learning activities such as experiential learning. The vague concept of experimental learning can find meaning when you motivate your students to a gradual process of learning through experience.

#8 Social Learning

The concept of social learning has been a dominant one in educating students centuries ago. With the advanced eLearning Trends 2020, you can now motivate your students in acquiring knowledge by observing or interacting with another individual from a remote distance.

#9 Microlearning

Learning new processes in a short period of time is a big challenge for many aspirants. What you can do is simply follow the process of chunking, which was popularized in the 1950s by George Miller. The working memory of your student is your tool to incorporate this all-new eLearning method.

#10 Collaborative Learning

We grow up in a world of the commune and collaborative learning can be the best way to learn any subject in this matter. With this concept in mind, collaborative learning has become a popular eLearning method in 2020.

Above are the 5 exciting methods of trends of eLearning that the most renowned institutes across the globe are taking up seriously. 

If you want to incorporate these ideas into your eLearning institute, feel free to get in touch with us.

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