Top 6 Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based LMS

Written by Shalini Saxena on 17 August 2017

Cloud is simply a buzzword – NO!

Cloud is just another disrupting tech – NO!

Cloud is the future – NO!

Cloud is the present! The big thing currently!

And while cloud has taken over every single industry and has touched every sphere of our lives whether personal or professional, it certainly did not fail to make an impact on the education industry. Learning has gone online, it has become possible for educators to teach from anywhere, anytime and for the learner to learn from virtually any location and at any point of time (as long as they have internet connectivity). That’s the extra edge, the silver lining cloud brings to the world of e-learning. That is why more and more learning or edtech businesses are turning towards cloud to leverage the benefits it offers. When looking for an LMS for conducting your online training or fueling your edtech startup dream – a CLOUD-BASED Learning Management System (LMS) is a must! Why? Well! Have a look at some of the countless reasons and you’ll know the answer.

Zero Overheads - Quick Setup, Real Time Updates and Easy Maintenance

With a cloud-based LMS, setup is quick and convenient. No need for an in-house IT specialist for installing and maintaining the software. With a cloud based LMS updates to course content or schedules immediately reflect to all associated users whether admin, content manager, instructor or learner.

There’s no need for any software installation and there’s no hardware dependency too. Your LMS service provider can take care of product updates from a remote location.

Accessibility – That Anytime, Anywhere Thing

Gone are the days when LMSs were self-hosted,when trainings and courses were in-campus only. Things have changed a lot! Everything’s over the cloud and so are the all top Learning Management Systems. Among the ‘n’ number of benefits, the 24/7 accessibility is the most prized one, as it is the essence of the cloud tech – the functionality which makes it stand out.

You can create your courses or training programs from any location anytime you want. Your instructors can train or teach from any location to learners or trainees present at any place.  

Security – Be Immune to Data Loss and Intrusion

Cloud today is way more secure than it ever was. There’s no scope for data loss or intrusion, your content is safe and encrypted in the cloud (or should I say in the highly secure data centers). While your system or hardware is prone to failure or damage, cloud infrastructure has replicas of data to shield users from data loss scenario. The high-level encryption algorithms applied to secure data over the cloud keep it protected from any data leak.  

You are free from the nightmares of losing your data or leaking it to competitors. Cloud-based LMS will keep your content and credentials safe.

Cost - Get Started with Low Initial Cost

As there’s no need for any additional hardware/software installation or storage, the overall cost drops down obviously. It has no hidden cost and thus makes your budget predictable. Not just that, having a cloud based LMS saves you from wasting time and resources on the installation of the software or handling technical glitches - this, in turn, is equivalent to saving the expenses you may have incurred in streamlining the process.

We all know cloud is an affordable and cost effective option for any business. As cloud follows ‘pay-per-use’ model you only need to pay for what services you use by opting out of the features you don’t need.

Scalability - Evolves with Your Needs

Cloud-based LMS is the right choice, the best decision evolves with your needs. You can start with any numbers of users and increase it later. 10, 100, 1000, 10000 or more - you can accommodate as many learners as you want, as and when your business grows or your training needs change.

A cloud-based learning system is highly scalable and gives you the flexibility of scaling up or down as per your business needs.

Social - Let Learners Collaborate

If you want to engage your learners you must let them collaborate. Let them start a discussion, coordinate and understand things better. People from different geographic locations can share their thought and communicate with each other about their learnings, progress, and interpretations. This results in improved Completion Rates and Higher Retention.

With a cloud-based system, you can allow learners to have detailed discussions about the training or course and get answers to their questions by interacting with other learners or trainees.

While these benefits are offered by most of the cloud-based LMSs, here’s how CloodOn ensures you a worry-free experience:

  • No need to install, upgrade or backup anything.
  • Always available on the Cloud with best in class cloud infrastructure.
  • Responsive and optimized to work on mobile devices.
  • Simple pricing. No hidden costs.

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