6 Support Services to Consider Before Choosing LMS for Training

Written by Elani Casic on 17 December 2020

When you want to invest money in building an LMS platform, little would you think or worry about the technicalities added to it? The online training teams however need to pull up their sleeves tighter. 

For the implementation of a new LMS, one must require online essentials to pull along with. Rather than having the technology in place and not knowing what to do with it, it is better to be well prepared with what you would need the most. 

Presenting you with 6 support services to consider before choosing an LMS for training purposes:

#1 Live chat

The LMS vendor can always be accessible at your disposal indeed. The service provider answers the questions you have on hand. In addition, the firm helps you sail easily through rough patches. 

Few LMS vendors have tech assistants who can answer your queries round the clock, while few others may have specific hours for live chat. Therefore, you must look for their availability beforehand. You must also figure out who is at the other end of the virtual line. 

#2 Telephone support

You may sometimes have technical issues that require immediate attention. Therefore, you would want to speak to a real person at the other end of the line. Rather than trying to contemplate stuff with a bot, or typing a lengthy query via a live, chat window. 

This is where you take to a 24/7 phone service. Some vendors provide 24/7 support while a few others stick to regular business hours only. 

Again, even with telephone numbers, you have different toll free numbers to get in touch with. One toll-free may divert you to the sales department. While the other connects you to a technical team who helps set up a portal for your client. 

#3 A robust platform to work with

A reputed LMS vendor must provide a robust online platform to work with, in a seamless manner. This includes online support tools ranging from online tutorials on how to set up the e-learning module, up until covering recorded webinars that deal with more advanced concepts within the modalities. 

You can also include Powerpoint presentations that cover tips and tricks on boosting up sales volume or handling reporting with e-commerce integrations. 

Your vendor must offer you this authentic online knowledge base. You must also have your specifications verified. Is the online training content used to cater to training firms, or is the learning tool meant for traditional organizations?

#4 User forums

User forums can be one of the most valuable services for an LMS. However, the forum needs to be active. You must check if there have been any questions or responses over the last one-month or so. If not, it means that forums have been created but they lie dormant. 

Again, you need to look for an effective archive system that allows you to browse through past topics, or provides you with guidance to troubleshoot on your own. 

The forums must contain effective info with respect to LMS. The virtual forums cannot be water coolers where people gather and talk about everything else. 

#5 FAQs

The LMS service provider must have his/her help site installed the moment you have the software up and running. The FAQs must contain detailed answers covering a wide range of topics. 

The info must be organized in a neat and streamlined manner so that it is easier for you to look into, via-a-vis the query you have on hand. 

You can have one section covering the sign-up process, while the other FAQ section can cover the installation process end to end. 

The LMS provider also includes relevant hyperlinks that connect your question with the online knowledge base. This way, you can explore the subject at length.

#6 Social media groups

Many LMS companies use social media groups so that their user-engagement enhances. They can provide you with answers attend to dissatisfied customers and provide links for someone struggling out there with the installation. 

You, therefore, have multiple issues that are taken care of, at once. You can have the social media group a more privatized one. 

In other words, you give access only to paid subscribers indeed. This way, members have more freedom to share their insights and thrive on a more community-driven forum.


These are the top 6 support services to consider before choosing an LMS for training

As you provide training to corporate clients and vendors, you must keep your technical side open for innovation and implementation. 

Deliver great learning experiences. Start today, grow fast.

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