Why is Vocational Training Important?

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 16 January 2023

We are today in a world that is constantly evolving, whether technologically, organizationally or socio-economically. The professional environment is also not spared and must adapt to the growing impact of digital or the appearance of new professions. In this context, vocational training has real growth potential for companies and their employees.

With a market in constant evolution, a company must be able to adapt and develop the necessary skills in order to remain competitive. To do this, it must be able to count on the capacities of its employees, in particular, that of being able to adapt to changes in their professions as well as to new tools and working methods. A good way to maintain the potential of its employees is to train them regularly. More than the simple development of knowledge and skills, training is beneficial in many aspects, both for the employee and the company.

Up-to-date knowledge and skills

For an employee, training allows above all to maintain, deepen and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for his profession. Overall, it allows him to keep his potential and adapt to changes in his professional activity, even to evolve in his sector or to become more versatile.

A better understanding of the workplace

Depending on the type of training carried out, it can also be a way to better understand the work methods adopted or the sector of activity of the company in which he works. From a social point of view, training can also be an opportunity for exchanges between employees, leading to a better understanding of how the company operates.

A positive perception

The second important aspect of training is the employee's perception of himself and his company. By completing their skills base, the employee feels more confident in carrying out their work and in the position they hold. He perceives organizational support in his success which, associated with the other elements mentioned earlier, increases his involvement in the company in general.

What are the benefits of vocational training for companies?

Often seen as a constraint, training offers many advantages. Recruiting a new employee, an often preferred solution, would actually be 50% more expensive on average than developing skills internally. Once the recruitment has been made, it is also necessary to take into account the adaptation time of the new employee to the specificities of the company. By allowing an employee to train, this time is no longer necessary! In some cases, training in-house can also be a way to counter a shortage of candidates.

But the major asset remains the benefit in terms of skills. Through the training of its employees, a company benefits from better expertise in various fields. It also has a non-negligible possibility of mobility within its teams. In short, it then gives a definite advantage to positioning oneself in an increasingly competitive market.

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