Boost Your Online Course Sales with E-commerce Integration

Written by Sutanuka Pal on 07 October 2020

The ideal learning management system (LMS) can work wonders for your courses.

Are you wondering how? A competent LMS will make your courses appealing, accessible, and interactive thereby increasing enrollments. Whether you create your own LMS or partner with a vendor, there are multiple features that you look for in a platform. E-commerce integration is one of them and for good reason, too.

E-commerce integration improves user experience and sales. It also helps keep track of revenue and adds a lot of value and advanced features to your platform. However, integrating e-commerce is tricky and you have to be cautious about a lot of things especially if you are dealing with multiple vendors. Training companies can grow their sales by integrating e-commerce with their LMS.

In this post, we will cover six points that you must keep in mind when it comes to e-commerce integration.

Check the compatibility

Most LMS vendors partner with e-commerce companies for their integration needs. The website of the LMS vendor will have all the details of the available e-commerce options or payment sites. If you are a training company, you can verify which payment tools work well with the LMS you are using. It is important to check the compatibility and test it before you launch the courses. If your customers encounter a problem while making the purchase due to an unseen roadblock, it not only affects your sales but also hampers your reputation. 

Determine the right price for your course

As a training company, the cost is a determining factor in choosing a platform. The cost can vary depending on whether you are going for a self-hosted LMS or an LMS that has e-commerce integrations. While some LMS platforms offer flexible options for the training companies, others are restricted. It is better if your LMS provides an option to fix flexible prices for online courses, memberships or subscriptions, and content bundles. The other e-commerce options you can look for when choosing an LMS are options to provide discounts, payment plans, and coupons. You certainly need robust tools that help monitor the conversions if you wish to take your online training to the next level. 

Check the data security

The safety and security of data are of utmost importance. You need to ensure this to avoid the client’s or the learner’s information from falling into wrong hands. The users trust you with their personal and financial information, and hence data security needs to be prioritized. Choose an LMS vendor, who uses advanced data security measures and upgrades the technology from time to time. The vendor also needs to process the transaction quickly via third party gateways, keeping the data safe. 

Storefront creation

Training companies can set up their very own storefront in the LMS or can use a third party vendor for e-commerce. If you are a training company with an existing customer base, you can opt for the latter. However, before you do that, make sure you compare the fees and other factors between the LMS storefront and the 3rd party vendor.


Individuals who opt for online courses expect immediate access to training videos or material. So, do not waste your time and effort with welcome emails or links after the purchase is completed. Make sure that the LMS vendor with e-commerce integrations also supports the option of auto-enrolment. Thanks to this, the users can start the training program immediately after the purchase. 

Verification of In-App Purchases

Training companies need to ensure that the users need not visit an external website to purchase any products you offer. Make sure the vendor you choose provides you with an option of SSO (Single Sign-On), which enables the users to log in to both the LMS and e-commerce platforms. With this, they will be able to purchase new content or enroll in a new course from the same platform. 

Training companies must ensure a smooth and fast checkout for their users. Do not let payment-processing errors affect your sales or growth. With Seek LMS, you can eliminate such hurdles and enable your users to enroll without any hassles. This is an ideal LMS for your training company, which you can use to employ a perfect training course that provides a great ROI. 

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