4 Branding Elements You Can Use With LMS to Market Your Brand

Written by Sutanuka Pal on 13 August 2020

Do you ever wonder how you would market your brand when using an LMS? Branding not only builds awareness about your business but it also helps foster customer or client loyalty. If you are a training company, you need to carefully incorporate your message without forcing it on learners or clients. So let's learn about four elements you can incorporate in your LMS to build credibility as a brand. 

1.The brand logo

The logo represents your brand and is a must-have branding element in the LMS. If you are a content creator or offer courses to various learners, you must use your brand logo in all your communications. Make sure you use your logo in not only the communications but also in the marketing resources that you share via the LMS. You need to add the logo on the LMS home page too. If you are using certain course templates, remember to keep space for the company logo on them as well. By using the brand logo, you are improving your visibility, and people who take your course are likely to recommend it to their peers, associates and acquaintances. If you have not created a logo yet, make sure you do, and use it wisely. It is, however, important to keep in mind that client branding and company branding are quite different from one another.

2. The colour

The colour scheme on your LMS should preferably be in sync with your logo colours. If your brand’s logo or website has a specific colour scheme, make sure you use the same on the LMS. Using the same colour palette makes your brand look consistent and professional.

Some learning management systems also provide an option to customize the colour scheme based on user groups. For example, you can use a certain colour palette for your sales training courses and a different one for software training courses. This makes each course stand out. The option to customize the colour palette differs from one LMS to another. So, make sure you choose the one that offers multiple customization options. 

3. Banners 

You can create banners related to a course or your brand and embed them in the LMS dashboard. A banner not only reflects your brand and highlights its messages, but it can be used to promote other courses or products that you offer. For example, you can use a well-designed banner to promote your next online event or launch of an e-book. Make sure you display the banner to those who are enrolled in a related course, as there are better chances for them to sign up. 

Most online learners view these banners like an announcement and they are likely to sign up if the product or course you are offering meets their interests and goals. Once you have enough enrollments, go ahead and update the banner with another related announcement.

4. Customize the login page

Every learner needs to login, and will thereby access the login page, and this is why it is important to customize it using your brand elements. You can add your logo there along with a catchy welcome message. However, if you are holding the session for a client of yours, make sure the login page has the branding elements of the client. The same applies to the use of banners. 

Another place to add your logo and other marketing elements is the email you send to the users with the link. Note that here too you will need to add the client logo if you are doing it for them. You can even send invites to individual users informing them about the next webinar and add branding elements on the same. Applying these techniques on a regular basis will definitely help create better brand visibility. 

Branding via an LMS extends beyond adding the logo, a banner or the brand message. You or your client should be able to reflect the brand values through the LMS and customize it to ensure that it is in alignment with the image.

Training companies can choose a reliable LMS, like Seek LMS, that provides unmatched support and can help customize the dashboard based on individual branding needs. Give us a call today and learn how you can increase your sales and growth with the best LMS.


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