18 Future Business Trends: The Next Normal

Written by SeekLMS Correspondent on 07 October 2021

Anticipating Business trends can be a great advantage for companies since they can start to implement them and begin to benefit before other companies, which undoubtedly represents a plus for any organization.

Companies never stop looking for learning resources that work more efficiently and quickly to achieve more effective results. So if you are not yet launching some of the following learning trends, you should start to worry.

So Here are 30 Future Business Trends:

1. The role of the inclusive leader:

Inclusive leadership is essential to begin to promote knowledge. This leader, far from showing himself as the “know-it-all”, has to be able to motivate teams and help them expand their knowledge and experience, so that there will continue to be growth in staff and, therefore, of the company.

One of the most important points here is to make employees aware of the importance of the role they play and what they contribute to society through it. This way they will be able to give more meaning to their activities.

2. Development of soft skills

One of the aspects that are most important for companies in terms of business learning is known as soft skills, in English, soft skills. These are related to the skills, personality traits, knowledge and values ​​acquired and how they can be put into practice in a way that benefits the performance of work teams.

3. Cross-platform training

One of the main trends in business learning is related to the adoption and integration of new spaces.

Today, employees have the possibility of accessing a large number of tools that allow them to learn in a more dynamic and flexible way, according to their time and activities. 

4. Live training

Learning through a virtual classroom does not mean that you cannot learn live. There are several tools that allow collaboration in real-time, which are ideal for imparting knowledge and having the possibility of solving doubts at the moment. This trend does not require a large investment and provides multiple benefits for companies and their members.

5. Personalized training

Personalization is in vogue in all areas and business learning does not escape it, that is why it is betting on the collection of data known as Big Data and its interpretation through analysis to obtain valuable information that allows learning much more personalized.

This would serve to, for example, know the study habits of the collaborators, their routines, their learning pace, the time they dedicate to each practice, among other things, to adapt to their needs and provide a better experience.

Personalized training is one of the great trends and bets in terms of business learning, so you cannot leave it out. 

6. Microlearning

In these times, when everything happens very quickly and results are needed, it is necessary to find almost instantaneous solutions to our professional shortcomings. For this reason, microlearning is characterized by the brevity of the lessons, which allows work teams to learn effectively and relatively immediately. This entrepreneurial learning trend is especially useful because in many cases you do not have enough time to take a long course, but you want to continue training and learning new skills.

7. Gamification

Well, they say that "teaching means emotion", that is why gamification has become one of the corporate learning trends since it allows to motivate work teams and achieve a more meaningful teaching. Games and a playful environment are other trends in corporate learning. But do not think that this indicates that there will be disorder. Actually, the idea is that the process becomes something more fun and interesting.

In this way, it will be much easier to motivate employees and stimulate competition in a healthy way. This will allow achieving better results and greater benefits for any organization that implements it.

8. Social learning

This entrepreneurial learning trend is based on a theory developed by Albert Bandura, who proposes that training is a cognitive process that takes place within a social context and is achieved through observation, imitation, or direct instruction. Social learning offers advantages such as an increase in the degree of participation while fostering collaboration among staff, awakening greater interest, and enthusiasm on their part. Likewise, social experiences allow collaborators to get to know each other and to participate jointly in activities and spaces outside of formal work to achieve better personal relationships.

9. Promote collaborative intelligence

This type of intelligence is very useful when it comes to managing internal knowledge, which has a positive impact and allows better use of a company's resources. Valuing and recognizing the contributions made by each of the members of a company will generate engagement and facilitate decision-making later. Therefore, it is important to start fostering collaborative intelligence within the different areas of an organization.

10. Learning Analytics

The tenth learning trend within a company is learning analytics, which provides information or clues about what happens in a virtual classroom, which allows the correct orientation of training. This data will help to know which are the routes that collaborators take in the content from the observation. That is, where they have difficulties, what

is provided for them, how to carry out the different activities, among other things that are important.

11. Adaptive learning

It refers to the use of different software applications that allow activities to be carried out according to the ability of the work teams to solve them successfully. As they have positive results, the activities or tasks increase in difficulty, which allows them to have new challenges and learn more things depending on their response capacity.

12. Mobile learning

Mobile devices are part of our day-to-day; It could even be said that they became an extension of our body since we cannot go anywhere without them. Due to this, mobile learning emerged, which refers to all those applications that allow us to learn different things from anywhere and at any time.

Mobile learning goes beyond using technology to transfer content to portable devices; it is about identifying how to achieve good results in new contexts and using everyday life situations to achieve learning. Some of the main advantages of mobile learning are that it saves time, offers results in terms of performance and helps work teams to develop their skills and have a greater commitment to learning.

13. Blockchain

The blockchain is a relatively new way of documenting data. This data is immutable, shareable, and has a timestamp; likewise, they are not stored in a single computer, but in multiple interconnected terminals.

One of the main applications of the blockchain is that it allows all certificates to have a unique signature that can be quickly verified. In this way, collaborators will be able to access their certifications safely and quickly and will avoid losing such information.

14. Experiential learning

This entrepreneurial learning trend is nothing new, however, it has recently gained strength again, due to the fact that it favors the cohesion of teams. Experience-based learning, also known as x-Learning, no longer focuses on the expert who teaches a course or its syllabus but on the empirical. This helps companies to work and reinforce competencies, values ​​and align employees according to the organization's objectives, which brings better results.

15. Connected insights

Another bet of companies is to use organizational knowledge and connect it with the objectives and future plans of a company. This type of learning is based on three principles: orientation to interest, since this awakens a motivation to acquire knowledge; support between peers because when there is an interaction between collaborators, learning becomes participatory and attractive; and growth orientation because intellectual growth improves when learning is directed toward achievement or excellence. This corporate learning trend has a positive impact on the formation of work teams and allows significant growth to take place that will impact the entire organization

16. Social networks

Although it may seem surprising, social networks can be used to achieve some type of corporate learning.

Some of the most used tools within them are blogs, discussion forums, and videos. The immediacy and specificity provided by social networks are beginning to be used to achieve better communication, exchange, and training of staff. Therefore, companies have to begin to adapt to the new era of business learning.

17. Design thinking

Design thinking involves analyzing a problem from the point of view, obviously, of a designer, in order to find a solution. This trend of business learning is committed to developing and using the tools of designers to respond to various situations in a creative and innovative way. This will help companies to find new solutions that respond to the needs of their customers and that there is growth in sales and training.

18. Mentors and coaching

Mentoring and coaching programs have had a strong presence in business learning trends for a long time, and now with e-learning, they are once again at the fore. Having mentors and establishing coaching activities during the teaching-learning processes brings benefits for corporations and employees. As mentors learn from more experienced work teams, key skills are reinforced and knowledge is put into practice.

In order to obtain good results, it is necessary to define the roles beforehand and expose the expectations that are had. Likewise, each of the participants must be clear about the objectives of the dynamic to make the most of it.


There are several trends in corporate learning that continue to gain ground in the market and if companies do not choose to at least incorporate some of them, they would be lagging behind and, therefore, they would lose presence within their work sector. If you have a company, it is time for you to analyze if you have put any of these business learning trends into practice and if not, start planning their incorporation.

Keep in mind that knowledge is a fundamental and valuable part of any organization, so do not stop investing in these trends that will make your teams better prepared and the company obtains better results. Start implementing any of these business learning trends now!

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